a Christmas Present,



IT IS A 'SILLY' (long rambling) STORY



(There's a Juggling song down below that I made and included in honor of my juggling mates Ritchie and Jasper

of the 'Salami Brothers' and 'The Chipolatas' )


“One night, lying in bed, two boys,

Solly and Finn heard a scratching noise…”



Solly THE Human Cannonball going to work

“…And he’d fly to work, shot from a cannon;”

Solly THE Human cannonball-arriving

“Solly wasn’t the lion tamer,

he just brushed the lion’s teeth and combed its hair,

But Solly was the human cannon ball,

he got paid £2 a mile and travelling expenses to cover his return fare…”



Flying on Rhona's back

“…flying over the sea

in the middle of the night,

…over Scapa Flow, and over Hoy. The moon was full and plump,

The town got smaller and smaller

as they left Orkney and the coal black night far behind,

as they flew they climbed higher and higher…”

“…They gazed at shooting stars and meteorites

and Ronan steered steadily, but she didn’t get lost

Rhona navigated and was guided by watching

the six star constellation of the Northern Cross…”



Fairy Land Map

“…they couldn’t get free from the tightly tied knot,

As taking prisoners go, Finn, Solly and the Fairies had won the jackpot

in this land that time forgot

Dancing with joy and singing a Victory song

Solly and Finn danced the fox trot


…when the wind is howling and blowing

Hunters don’t rush. Stop, look, listen

and tread quietly. When you go, go tip-toeing,

But, just because you're following

a well-marked trail, fresh, clean and well lit,

doesn't mean that, whoever made it,

knew where they were going….”




“…Solly cart-wheeled and his feet did land…

…on NestBeard’s Cutlass, pinned it to the sand

that was in Nest-beards only good hand,

On his only good arm, Nest-beard lost his grip

He’d already lost more than his finger tips…”







“…The Circus ‘midget’ had a thin black moustache,

his hair was dark and shiny and curled

“Your Midget’s not very small”. An adult challenged…

“No.” said the Circus owner proudly, “He is a midget, but, he’s the tallest midget in the world…”


Finn Fights NESTBEARD (drawn by solly)SOLLY

“…up the cliffs the Buccaneers came

from smugglers caves in Orkney, near the Brough of Birsay

The brigands were not polite or tame,

The adventurers did not bow or curtsy

They didn’t say thank you or please,

They were just very demanding and said

“Give us your Chocolate trees”


Finn’s Pirate picture. (drawn by Finn)


…”so he became a robber and thief and plunderer,

they say it was the call of the wild.

But other pirates said that the hours weren’t bad,

and that the job was character forming,

There weren’t too many rules, yes you had to be cruel

but you could stay up late and lie in bed in the mornings.

you were allowed to skip school,

and, although the pay was in jewels,

If you balanced the difference

between profit and loss,

Yes, Crime didn't pay, but at least

you were your own boss…”



Once the Lion escaped from the cage


“…One day the lion escaped from its cage

Even the guide couldn’t find where he’d gone,

Till Solly found some lion tracks. The guide said, pushing Solly forward and along.

“You go ahead and see where they go and I'll find out where the tracks came from...”


Duncan’s Glasses

(named in honor of storyteller Duncan williamson)


(Character in honor of Duncan Williamson)


“…Duncan, paused, looked around

and smiled gently at the children

Saying “I’ve lost my glasses and

can't look for my specs until i find them…”

“..come closer, without my glasses you are all a bit blurred

a story of a chase and a search for treasure I overheard,

now I shall tell it word for word…”


“…among these un-identified-flying-objects

Finn found Duncan’s specs…”


Nestbeard’s Portrait

“Captain Nest-beard had a stripey vest

His shaggy beard was a home, a wild and bushy birds nest

His downy beard was his one redeeming feature

It showed that he cared for defenceless little creatures…”


Solly Juggling Balls

“…Solly juggled diablos and balls and taught kids how;

he made it look easy and fun

He said “This left hand throws the ball up in the air

in order to make room for the next one.

When I was learning to juggle I got in such a muddle,

I was dropping more balls than I caught

Then suddenly one day, without thinking and panicking,

I kept a cascade going without any thought…”


“…Then Solly Juggled 4 rings, two cats 4 knives with 6 balls,

he juggled them but that is not all,

6 clubs, fire torches, nothing was dropped, but a hint,

and nothing fell, but nightfall…”


Solly Juggling Everything-(drawn by Finn)

“…then sometimes I just might

do more difficult tricks, faster routines with…

…an ever-increasing number of balls,

knives, smoke-rings, fire torches,

babies and eggs and that’s not all.

I’ll juggle the lions and tigers, the horses

and riders and a hippopotamus…”


“…He tripped and blundered through that difficult trick,

with the increasing number of balls,

knives, smoke-rings, fire torches,

babies and eggs they all started to fall.

the lions and tigers, the horses and riders

and that huge hippopotamus…”


“…The 12 dinners on plates, lighted candles and cakes

were mid flight, and those two cars

All fell from the sky, we all heard the King cry…”


Football Victory Picture

“…Kick-off-again, Finn tapped the ball to Solly

who booted the ball on-forward to Mel

Finn ran ahead to the Goal, in place, so that Paul…

… could pass it to him, but he fell,

The ball rolled to Solly who rushed, as his eyes searched…

…for someone to pass the ball to…he lobbed it…

… to Finn in the middle, Finn swerved and he dribbled,

and shot the ball in the goal straight and true…”



“…Apart from Circuses, acrobatics,

friendly wrestling kiss chase and Kung-Fu,

There was a big game of football;

the red fairy team verses the blue…”

“…when the referee’s whistle blew

Finn passed the ball to Solly

and down the wing they both flew

Solly dribbled the ball and passed to Michael in red who

was tackled by Fred wearing Blue…”


Horse Rider Solly

(picture unavailable)

“…Solly could stand on a running horse,

Solly could run on a standing horse

ride side-saddle, ride underneath the horse and straddle

And lasso with a rope…”


Finn’s escape

(picture unavailable- disappeared!)

“…There was the plink and tinkle of a Ukulele mandolin

And then out, with that treasure in his hand, jumped Finn

Finn hopped forward and he knew he could win

And he skipped, he did a two-step and then he started running…”


“…and like the piper of Hamlyn

Everybody chased and tracked and traced to followed him

but he was speedier than Superman and Errol Flynn

Quicker than Tarzan and Rin-Tin-Tin…”


Nestbeards Shield picture.

(picture unavailable)

“Nest-Beard grumbled and grunted

as he leapt and  he parried and thrust,

His Sword kept missing Solly,

so he swore, he spat and he cussed

Solly was fast and so nimble and quick

Like a dancer he stepped, but he didn’t slip

He tripped up NestBeard with some slap and a stick…”




HERE are some pictures for a STORY I made

for Finns 5th birthday

I had asked him

what he might want a story about

Finn answered 'Power rangers'.

I had to do some research and then take some liberties!

and so

I called it

‘Power Chef Rangers
Cook to Go!’



‘Power Chef Rangers
Cook to Go!’



‘Xander The green power ranger was putting on weight,
Instead of eating one or two sandwiches, he’d eat eight…’

‘…he’d stop to eat at every greasy spoon and snack bar
he was so large he started showing up on the radar’

‘he’d eat French fries

and all kinds of pies,
he grew so large and round in size
-people jogged around him for exercise.’


'On Xanders first attempt at making Spaghetti,
he still had issues with Hygene and portion sizes'



‘The crooks Finn fought were bad,
though there was a little bit of good inside them
that maybe only their mums and dads could see.’

'Everywhere they fought and wrestled
from the kitchen to the bathroom
leaving a trail of destruction'




"Spiderman must live next door,
because we saw his washing hanging up to dry."


"He could lift the giant Hot Dog
but how would he get it into his mouth"

‘he’d eat French fries and all kinds of pies,
he grew so large and round in size*
-people jogged around him for exercise.’