Brave Faces (May 2005)

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Rory MacLeod - Brave FacesRead some reviews of Rory's Brave Faces album.

Containing 19 songs - available at gigs or online from this site.

1. Emperors New Clothes
2. Rambling Man
3. A Cut in Pay
4. The Man in Me
5. No More Blood For Oil
6. Another Glass of Forgetfulness
7. You don’t know yourself
8. Thirsting For War
9. A Very Nice Bloke
10. Doing Time Together
11. Santa Maria (Tune)
12. Oh Death
13. Not For Sale
14. Glory Of Love
15. Guitar Man
16. Dem Trisker Rebbins Chosid (Klezmer Tune)
17. Cold blow these winter winds
18. Ballad of the Burston school strike

19. The man who couldn’t say goodbye



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