Main Gallery

Rory on a Tricycle.
Rorys lawn cut in the shape of a heart.
Rory sitting on his guitar case outside a building.
Rory playing a big Harmonica
Angry Love album cover
Rory on stage playing harmonica.
Rory playing a Mandolin.
Rory looking over in a crowd.
Rory looking down his guitar neck smiling.
Rorys garden cut in the shape of a heart.
Rory playing harmonica.
Rory on stage with guitar.
Brave Faces Album Cover
Rory on a roof playing trombone.
Familiar Strangers band on a bench in a park.
Rory smiling at the camera.
Rory on stage in a green light.
Footsteps and Heartbeats album cover.
Gusto album back cover.
Rory in a Field
Gusto album front cover
Gusto album cover, transparent.
Rory on stage under green light.
Brave Faces album cover.
Kicking the Sawdust album cover.
Lullabies for Big Babies album cover.
Rory playing harmonica at a party.
Mouth to Mouth Cover, Rory and baby lying down both biting the same apple.
Rory on stage at a festival.
Rory on a bike in a field.
Rory and his son Solly in Cowboy hats.
Rory playing guitar with his son Solly by his side.
Rory playing on stage.
Rory backstage with guitar and flowery shirt.
Rory performing on stage.
Rory playing harp and doing hearbeat impression.
Rory with harp in mouth and laying the spoons.
Rory playing Harp and Spoons.
Rory jamming at a live session at the Green Gathering festival.
A drawing of Rory performing on stage.
Rory with Guitar Case
Rory in painting overalls drinking a mug of tea.
Rory poster in flowery shirt backstage.
Rory playing slide guitar.
Rory smiling through a giant sieve.
Songs for Little People album cover
Rory playing guitar.
Rory wearing yellow jacket that say 'Insecurity' on the back.
Travelling Home album cover.
Rory standing in the corner of a room holding Trombone.